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December is the month to kick it into gear for Outdoor and Indoor Track athletes.

The Escalation of Speed

Neither snow nor sleet nor gloom of night stays these athletes from the swift completion of their appointed rounds

December 18, 2019

“What seems hard now will one day be your warm-up” (Shape Magazine).


December is meant to be a month of relaxation leading up to Christmas and break. However, if you are like me and physically can not sit still, you should consider joining Indoor Track. 


The season starts December 5th and upon joining the team you will be evaluated on your abilities. Indoor Track tends to not cut people so the evaluation is to see what team you will be running for. There are three teams for indoor track, varsity, junior varsity a, and junior varsity. Varsity being the highest possible team a person can make.


There are a wide range of events that a person can do in indoor track. For short distance enthusiasts events range from 200 – 1,000 meter sprint. For long distance fanatics events range from 800- 3200 meter sprints. A 3200 is equivalent to two miles which is the longest event a person can compete in. 

Allen Woener

The best thing about Indoor Track is that practice tends to end pretty early compared to most sports. Most practices end anywhere between 3:30-4:30 meaning that athletes do not have to stress as much about having time for their academics. 

Also, competitions for indoor track tend to only happen on the weekends meaning that you will not have to stress about school work when your at a competition. 

Even more important though is that indoor track is just fun. During practice, when we are running our mile warm-up, I will talk to a lot of the girls on the team. the amount of times I have laughed while running is insane. My favorite memory from indoor track is after one of our states meets the entire team will go to Post Road Diner. Many times we would show up at the dinner around 1 am and eat a bunch of pancakes. Being apart of the team is just fun. Running is hard, there is no doubt about that, but being apart of the indoor track team has been an experience of a lifetime and I will definitely miss it when I leave Darien High School.


Being apart of any sports team at the high school is an experience that will be missed once I move on to college. 

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